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With the circular economy sector making great strides, taking plastic recycling to the next level requires the collaborative efforts of talented believers in a greener future.


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Greg Rung
Group Chief Executive Officer & founder
It’s a really fantastic project to participate in the development of plastic recycling and to support existing companies to help them move upmarket.
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Mathieu Le Bigot
Group Chief Operating Officer
It all started with the desire to create a winning pan-European platform for plastics recycling. I was fortunate to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who agreed to get together to form an amazing leadership team.
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Simonetta Tiberto
Partner & Managing Director Southern Europe, founder of Polimero
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Michel Van Acht
Managing Director Northern Europe
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Ivan Roca
Managing Director Iberia
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Éric Preynat
Partner & Managing Director France & Switzerland, founder of RG


We cultivate synergies in the industry through partnerships and coordination since 1985.
Ara Partners is a private equity firm specializing in industrial decarbonization investments. Ara Partners invests in the industrial & manufacturing, chemicals & materials, energy efficiency & green fuels and food & agriculture sectors, seeking to build businesses that provide significant decarbonization impact.
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Luis Pais Correia
Senior Operating Partner

Senior Advisory Board

A first-class team of industry experts, guiding Repeats’ strategy and operations.
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Willemijn Peeters
Advisor on packaging innovation & global brands
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Gunther Klammer
Specialist of recycling technologies
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Pierre-André Terisse
Ex-Group CFO of multinationals & entrepreneur
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Henri Grange
Multi-entrepreneur in the plastics industry
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Peter Daalder
Partner & Advisor, founder of Daly
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Aleix Vintró
Partner & Advisor, founder of Anviplas


A management team spread across different European cities, bringing together strong technical, financial and strategic expertise, and united by the mission of growing Repeats’ recycling capacity.
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Bruno Gautier
Group Chief Manufacturing Officer
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Baptiste Masse
Group Chief Integration Officer
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Alexandre Goudard
Group Technical Project Manager
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Zahara Diaz
Jr Group Controller

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