About Repeats

REPEATS – Recycled PE at Scale – is a pan-European platform that invests and operates recycled PE facilities in key European Markets.

At REPEATS, we think recycling plastic material is key to reduce waste pollution and CO2 emissions from production.

REPEATS’ core mission is to contribute to reach European governments’ target to 25% recycled PE in circulation by 2025 and 50% by 2030​.

REPEATS is backed by Ara Partners, a $1.5BN-equity global investment fund in the Circular Economy with successful track record, managed by a team of Circular Economy and Plastic Recycling experts and connected to a broad ecosystem.

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What we do

REPEATS both operates and invests in facilities that produce recycled PE, from buying post-commercial plastic feedstock to commercialising flakes to converters.

REPEATS industrialises and standardises recycled PE production. We produce top quality recycled PE that meet the needs of global brands and is truly competitive with virgin material​.


Light plastic waste sorting

We buy light plastic post-consumer industrial feedstock and use optical sorters to select the best material and separate transparent from color plastics thanks to best-in-class optical sorters.

Plastic washing

We use innovative technologies to wash plastic.

Plastic Extrusion

We heat plastics to generate a molten paste cut into transparent and colored flakes, then sold to converters.

Our Products

Diamond Line

PEBPCR (White)

  • Recipe: 99% of PEBCR and 1% white masterbatch
  • Final use: Commercial film bag

PEI (Natural)

  • Recipe100% PEBPCR 
  • Final use: Commercial film bag

Complex Line


  • Recipe: 94% complex material LDPE + EVOH + PA + 1 % white masterbatch + 5% additives
  • Final use: Commercial film, garbage bag


  • Recipe94% PEBPCR + 6% compatibilizers  : mix retain & orevac additives
  • Final use: Industrial film

Ecologic Line


  • Recipe: mix of 60% of material to clean + 40% PEM
  • Final use: Irrigation pipe, industrial film, garbage bag

Color Line


  • Recipe: Mix of 60% of material to clean + 39% PEM + 1% black masterbatch)
  • Final use: Irrigation pipe, industrial film, garbage bag


  • Recipe98% colored LDPE or « PEM » + 2% green masterbatch
  • Final use: : Irrigation pipe, industrial film, garbage bag, commercial film

Also exists in:

  • Grey: PEADM
  • Black: PEADN


  • Recipe60% of material to clean + 38% PEM  + 2% blue masterbatch
  • Final use: handibag, Commercial film bag

Management Team


Ara Partners

Tuan Tran is a Managing Director at Ara, is a member of the Firm’s investment committee, and is involved with all aspects of the firm’s investment process.



Previously Partner at Oliver Wyman, ex-Banker, and Entrepreneur.


Ara Partners

Katy is VP at Ara Partners specialised in circular economy and plastic recycling.



Mathieu Le Bigot is an entrepreneur who has participated in the creation of several companies in the circular economy.


Chief Manufacturing Officer

Former CEO and Co-Founder of a LDPE (Low Density PE) recycling facility.


Head of Support Services and Integration

Former Manager at Oliver Wyman, specialized in waste management industries.


Project Manager


Project Manager


Project Manager


Project Manager


Project Manager


Project Manager

Our Locations

REPEATS has presence in Spain, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and the UK.

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The Netherlands: +31 6 26 24 37 80‬
Apollolaan 151, 1077 AR Amsterdam, The Netherlands

France: +33 1 87 16 63 91
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Spain: +34 938 27 04 02
C. de Pallars, 193, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

The United Kingdom:
25 Wilton Rd, Pimlico, London SW1V 1LW, TheUnited Kingdom

Piazza Vetra, 17, 20123 Milano MI, Italy

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